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About Bulgaria and Videos

About Bulgaria
Situated in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan peninsula. The country’s total area is 110,000 sq. km. It has a 378 km borderline with the Black sea to the east. Bulgaria neighbors Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro to the west, Romania to the north, and Greece and Turkey to the south. Much of the Black sea coast is covered by long beaches with fine white sand. The sea is non-tidal, less salty, and warmer than the Mediterranean. Tourism has flourished recently and holds a firm lead in the Bulgarian economy. The country offers a mixture of quiet rural scenery and villages that have preserved their unique spirit of old times, and modern cities pulsating with the rhythm of growing business activity and ever-changing fashions. Whatever your mood you will find something fascinating in this little corner of the world. Bulgaria is famous for its 1,600 natural hot water springs, they present excellent opportunities for health tourism. The country is very rich in ancient monuments and artifacts from different epochs in its 1,300-year history and beyond.

The country has 9 UNESCO world cultural heritage sites, numerous monasteries, churches, some having hundreds of years of history present a compelling attraction.

Bulgaria’s political system is a parliamentary republic. After the fall of communism in 1989, the country started on the road to democratic reform and has now reached significant progress in recent years. In March 2004 Bulgaria became a member of NATO and has recently joined the European Union in January 2007