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With a history dating back some 3,000 years, Nessebar has been linked with many ancient civilisations. The magnificent old quarter is under a preservation order as a living museum town, housing the remains of 40 churches from different periods of history. You will find superb opportunities for photography and painting here.

The narrow cobbled streets and gabled houses make Nessebar holidays an ideal way for guests to relax and experience a traditional Bulgarian setting. Both the old and the new town are full of life with music and entertainment sometimes late into the night. UNESCO - protected Nessebar is the perfect choice for families wanting to escape the noise and truly be able to relax.


To eat and drink

Thanks to its status as a tourist resort town, Nessebar has a great many restaurants catering to a varied and international crowd. These tend to serve up local dishes with an emphasis on seafood thanks to the town's proximity to the sea. Andromeda in the Old Town is often recommended, as is Gloria Mar which boasts spectacular seaside views - just what you want while you're on your holiday.

When it comes to drinking, be sure to try the local beer Burgasko. Failing that, other Bulgarian beverages including Zagorka and Kamenitza should be available. It's also worth trying Rakia, a strong substance similar to fruit brandy that is popular throughout southeast Europe. The variant in Bulgaria is particularly tasty. You can sample all of these and more at the oft-recommended Tequila Bar.



Regular buses from the surrounding resorts make up much of the public transport here - these tend to be reliable, easy to use for English speakers, and reasonably priced. There is also ample opportunity to hire cars, although the narrow cobbled roads of the Old Town mean it is easier to park outside and wander around on foot. Bear in mind that the streets are not very wheelchair friendly, with the cobblestones making things particularly difficult.


In a nutshell

Nessebar has culture and spectacular scenery aplenty, but there's also plenty of opportunity for lying on the beach or getting into a watersport. The charming atmosphere from the cobbled streets populated by a plethora of street sellers is also worth experiencing - many sell beautiful items made out of local lace. Nessebar has seen the world age by 3,000 years, but it can't wait to see you. Get on out there!