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About Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach ?general information

Sunny Beach is situated on the Black Sea and is the most popular holiday resort in Bulgaria. All along the 8km ?lue flag?sandy beach is a spacious boulevard with excellent restaurants and a market during the daytime. In the evening for the party-minded the most thrilling clubs open their doors, with Flower street in the beating heart of it.

There are many activities and excursions available in Sunny Beach.



The weather in Sunny Beach is very pleasant during the months of July and August. The sun shines an average of ten hours a day and temperatures can reach a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius. Night time can be cooler.


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The euro has not yet been introduced in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian lev (BGN) Is the local currency. 1 Lev = 100 stotinki (Bulgarian cents). The plural of lev is leva.


Currency exchange

If you?e brought cash it? advisable to exchange it at one of the Crown exchange offices which can assure you of a favorable exchange rate, commission free.




Cash withdrawal

If you haven? brought any cash you can just as easily withdraw leva from your account. ATM? can be found all over the resort. The maximum amount to be withdrawn a day is 800 leva.


Public transport

Various forms of public transport are available in Sunny Beach.

There are taxis waiting on every corner it is advisable to check the fare beforehand.

Sunny Beach has a bus station with services to other places in Bulgaria i.e. Sofia, Nesebar, Burgas and Varna.

Indication of single fares:

Sunny Beach ?Nesebar: 1 lev
Sunny Beach ?Burgas: 4 leva
Sunny Beach ?Varna:  7 leva
Sunny Beach ?Sofia: 21 to 24 leva

There is no train station at Sunny Beach. The closest train station is at Burgas, 35 kilometres away from Sunny.


Telephone connection

Wireless calling and texting from abroad can end up being rather costly. Plenty of phone booths can be found in Sunny Beach. If you want a non-stop connection a cheap option is to buy a prepaid card in one of the phone stores. These can be purchased for 8 leva with credit.




If you are taking a holiday in Bulgaria there a various guidelines regarding vaccinations. Nothing is mandatory. Contact your local health centre in case of doubt.



If medical attention is required the reception of your accommodation will be able to help you find a doctor or hospital. If you were to visit a doctor it is advisable to hold on to your receipt. Once at home, the costs can be billed with your travel insurance.



Drinking bottled water is advisable although it is possible to drink the tap water.


Travel documents

A valid passport or ID is required for entry into Bulgaria (Sunny Beach). A visa isn? necessary.



The local language in Bulgaria is... Bulgarian. (Although in Sunny Beach nearly everyone speaks English)


The voltage in Bulgaria is 220V. Adapters can be bought in one of the local supermarkets should you need.









Sunny Beach has many other activities to offer apart from the spectacular nightlife. Various water sports can be found, there is bungee-jumping by the boulevard and there are several water parks in the vicinity. But of course you can also chill out at the most beautiful beach in the whole of Bulgaria.



Sunny Beach is known for its beautiful beaches and of course the highly acclaimed nightlife! But besides the regular the nights out, there are great parties to be enjoyed throughout the season.


The Boulevard

The boulevard consists of a long street which runs, just as the beach, for about 8 km. Between the beach and the boulevard are a number of beach pavilions and restaurants which are opened all through the day. Hotels are positioned directly on the other side.

The near total quiet of the morning quickly gives way to the opening of little stores and the laying out of an extensive market during the afternoon.

In the evening the boulevard which runs parallel to the beach empties to make way for the restaurants, where after the doors to the nightlife also quickly open. Together with Flower street (the main street) the boulevard of Sunny Beach is quickly transformed into a night-time paradise!


The beach

Sunny Beach has one of the most beautiful and famous sandy beaches in Bulgaria. The beach runs for approximately 8 kilometres.



Over the entire length of the beach bars and restaurants offer the best cocktails and snacks. Everything is accessible from both the beach and the boulevard. There are sunbeds, beach parasols, dressing rooms, showers and toilets present. A fee is asked for the use of beds and beach parasols.


Water Parks

The Action Water park

The Action Water park is situated in the western part of Sunny Beach and is open from the 25th of May to the 15th of September. At the height of the season (June 21 ?August 25) the park is open from 9:30 to 19:00, at other times it opens a half hour later and closes a half hour earlier.

For a one day stay at the Action Waterpark the fee is 30 lev (approximately 15 euro). There is a free bus service which operates from a total of 22 stops in Sunny Beach, St. Vlas, Ravda and Nessebar.

A half day fee from 15:00 is 22 lev (approximately 11 euro).

Free parking spots are available for those who come by car. Once inside the entrance fee also covers floating tyres, beds, beach parasols, dressing rooms and of course all 18 water slides. Extra cash is required for the lockers, photo service and food & drinks.


Paradise Waterpark - Nessebar

In Nessebar, a small distance from Sunny Beach is the Paradise Aquapark which opened in 2006. This park is slightly bigger than the Action Waterpark. The park is open from the 23rd of May to the 6th of Septembe from 10:00 to 19:00 every day.

The entrance prices are the same as the Action Waterpark in Sunny Beach. As are the regulations for floating tyres, beds etc. Free transport is included as are the parking spaces.


Out on the town in Sunny Beach

Going wild is something Sunny Beach is made for! Along the entire boulevard is a wide range of bars, clubs and restaurants. Outdoor events with famous DJ? are hosted each week on the beach itself.  Most bars carry on till dawn.



Throughout Sunny Beach there is a diverse 24/7 presence of restaurants, each offering their menu and style. A good meal or a quick snack you?e sure to find it in Sunny Beach.


Traditionally, the Bulgarian kitchen is a mix of Greek and Turkish specialties. Any visitor will, without a doubt, encounter the Shopska salata. A salad made of tomato, cucumber and cheese. Any type of food can be found in Sunny Beach including the favourite fast food restaurants KFC, Mc donalds, Burger King and Subway.