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About Ravda

Ravda, Bulgaria

A creative expression of hospitality

Тraditional Bulgarian hospitality and service of high quality accompany every restaurant and place of entertainment in Ravda.


The village of Ravda is in the immediate vicinity of the town of Nessebar and is one of the main tourist villages in the municipality. It is located on the picturesque Black Sea coast and famous for its romantic and peaceful surroundings. The favorable location of the village guarantees good transport connections.

The Varna-Bourgas main road passes only a kilometer from the village, and the Bourgas International Airport is 28 km away. Ravda is easily accessible to tourists, guests and visitors. There are regular coach lines along the routes Ravda-Nessebar-Sunny Beach and Nessebar-Ravda-Bourgas.

The Coastline

The geographical landmarks around Ravda are indescribably beautiful. The romantic landscape steals your breath away with the sunny bays coves bathed in azure blue. The most bountiful gift of nature is Cape Ravda. It is surrounded by two bays. The first is called South Beach and is famous for its wide beaches covered in fine gold sand. The second bay is no less magnetic for lovers of peace and tranquillity. It is between Cape Ravda and Cape Akrotiria, in the direction of Nessebar. At the top of Cape Ravda, the coast is rocky but then the sea slowly gives way and sand replaces rock. Sights here can only be measured in indelible impressions. But numbers are useful , if we are to mention that the beach line along the village of Ravda covers a total of 57,000 sq.m. The wonderful natural conditions in Ravda are complemented by the mild favorable climate. The high values of sunshine hours – up to 2,100-2,200 hours per year, distinguish the entire region from other tourist destinations. In the summer, air temperatures are between 28-30 °C, and those of the sea water - 20-26 °C. Tourism

If one needs to escape from the busy daily routine of the big city, Ravda is an excellent choice for recreation. This is the small corner, where silence is a delight, and beauty is everywhere. The smiles of local people welcoming their guests, to a great extent, Ravda owes its progress to its people – always hospitable, beaming and enterprising. Accommodation is mostly in family hotels, guesthouses, private lodgings and bungalows. Buildings are mostly in a contemporary architectural style, with modern design. Furnishing and equipment meets the expectations of even the most demanding tourists. You will also receive the highest standard of service – the friendly hosts will look after your comfort at all times. In the last two or three years, several luxury high-class hotels were also built, some of them part of prestigious international chains.

There are many places to while away your time in Ravda. Small restaurants, mekhanas, tavernas, bistros, cafes and cocktail bars abound. It is not easy to choose.